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The Power of Purging

The Power of Purging

Welcome to 2019!


This time of year is always exciting, bringing with it waves of change. As a big believer in a clean slate for the New Year, with new intentions, goals, and dreams all ahead of us for the taking, a clean slate allows us to focus and get ready for the year ahead.

By the end of the holidays, you can’t wait to clean up the tree, pack up the decorations, and observe your empty house after all the Christmas clutter is squared away. I find this is always a good time to clean out other areas as well (like drawers, clothes and storage closets!). Once you start, you might as well keep going!

One of the most helpful things to think about when reorganizing your home is new ways in which to use the space or use it better for it’s intended purpose. This might mean finally getting the desk you want for your office (so you’ll stop working at the dining room table), or upgrading to a King size bed so you can fit all the dogs and people in there with you (both real-life issues in our house). It might mean it’s time to downsize, upsize, or renovate in order to achieve the functionality you need for you and your family.


The one thing I try to keep in mind when purging is that all the stuff you “need”, isn’t really that much. You can go on vacation or away for work and live out of a bag for a while, likely with less than 5% of your total belongings. It’s a pretty good indication that a lot of the stuff you think you need, you really don’t. Clearing away things you no longer need makes space for the things you do need or really want. By removing unloved, unneeded and unused items you can make space to really appreciate the items you do love, need and use.

When I get rid of items it actually makes me love those I keep even more because I made the conscious decision that they were worth keeping. I now have less and feel like I have more because I am grateful for what I do have and not overwhelmed by “Things”. Every item has a purpose or a meaning. The most amazing resource I have found for helping in this activity is Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. It truly is a game changer.


We’ve all seen the tiny home TV shows, where people downsize in order to use their money to travel or enjoy nature rather than buying a big house. There is something to be said for simplicity – for loving 5 items as much as you’d love 500. In a world where we consume and throw away at an exponential rate, having things we can cherish for years is actually quite spectacular.

So perhaps this year should be about simplicity. About quality items and space to appreciate them.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, loving 2019.