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Pricing and Process

The Initial Consultation

What do you get?

If you’re looking to work with me on a large scale project, the Initial Consultation is free. The initial consultation is a meeting where we discuss the scope of work and I get to know more about what you’re looking for in order to give you an accurate quote. From this meeting you will get a detailed estimate so you can decide if you’d like to move ahead with my services.

If you’re looking for design advice at the first meeting, or if you just want to get a little input without going all-in, I offer a 1.5 hour Working Consultation for $350 (payable at the visit). If you decide you’d like to work with me further after this first meeting, this amount is used as a retainer. Colour Consultations are also priced separately at $550.

What does a designer cost?

How I Quote

Before the project begins I will provide you with a detailed estimate of where I will spend my time based on the scope of work. This breaks down my estimated hours for each task. Design Fees are relatively set unless you request a change in the scope of work, add additional design requests or request additional revisions to what I have quoted.

Shopping and Sourcing time is always an estimate as the process can vary from client to client. It is billed based on actual time spent.

How does interior design work
What does a designer cost?

How I Charge

My hourly rate is $85. A 50% deposit of the estimate is required for work to begin, which is used as a retainer against future invoices. Invoices are sent once a month and detail hours and materials. Travel time is billed at $43 / hour if the project is more than 30 minutes from one of my offices. Gas and mileage are included up to 100km from my offices. After 100km gas and mileage are charged at $0.54/km.

My minimum Project Fee is $1,500 (with the exception of a Working Consultation, Colour Consultation or E-Design).

What can I expect?

The Design Process

Every project is different, but all projects follow a relatively standard initial process. Whether you are doing a full renovation, styling or e-design, all projects begin with me understanding your vision, lifestyle and goals for the space. From there, concepts are created and reviewed. Once we establish our direction and budget, we begin the process of implementing the design. This is where the process branches off for each type of Service.