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Ep. 4-12

Exploring a Second Act - with Shannon Russell

On today's Episode we chat with Shannon Russell, a former TV Producer and Certified Career Transition Coach and YouMap® Coach, who helps women prepare and produce their best life, particularly when considering their next move or "second act".
This was a very powerful and insightful Episode, I hope you get a lot of amazing takeaways

Ep. 4-11

Rethinking eCommerce in Web3 - with Eric McHugh

Have you ever wondered about Web3 - what is it, how does it work, and how can you use it?
Well, today we're talking to Eric McHugh, President at SHOPX labs web3 e-commerce & Chief Growth at Dataing - AI powered Matchmaking. Eric is a wealth of knowledge on E-commerce and how to engage and keep your customers. So if you've been thinking about opening or expanding into online sales - this is your episode!

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Ep. 4-10

The Energetic Elevator - with Murielle Fellows

On today's Episode we speak with Murielle Fellous, Clinical EFT/Tapping Practitioner, Quantum Life Coach & Advanced Reiki Practitioner, all about the importance of our energetic headspace. Being in a good place energetically is the backbone to bringing the highest version of ourselves to our clients, while also helping us through the tough times work and life often throw our way.

Ep. 4-9

Balancing Creativity with your Role as CEO - with Carina Gardiner

On today's Episode we explore being in the role of CEO with creative entrepreneur Carina Gardiner (CEO of Design Suite).
We chat about balance, running a large company, finding time to do the creative work, and scaling a business.

Ep. 4-8

Fighting Procrastination and Getting Sh*t Done

In today's Episode we're giving you a little sneak peak behind the scenes with some blooper content which pulls back the curtain on what really goes into recording an Episode, as well as some really useful tools for you to fight procrastination, perfectionism and just get sh*t done.
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Ep. 4-7

Who is Executing Your Vision?

...and why do you need to understand their job, too.

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Ep. 4-6

How Do Your Personal and Business Goals Co-Exist?

Today we look at an important question - What are your personal goals, and how do they align with your business goals? For many Entrepreneurs - the answer is profit.

Ep. 4-5

Becoming the Expert - with Bethany Corbin

On today's episode we chat with attorney and FemTech expert, Bethany Corbin, on the steps to establishing yourself as an expert in your field.
Bethany is the founder and CEO of FemInnovation, which helps founders, clinicians, politicians, and advocates transform and disrupt “standard” care delivery for women’s health through specially tailored legal and educational programs, thought leadership, and advocacy. Bethany is a recognized leader at the intersection of women’s health, law, and technology, and was named a Top 200 Trailblazing Leader in Women’s Health and Femtech. Her strategic insights have been featured in top news outlets, including Forbes, Fortune, BBC, NPR, Buzzfeed, The Atlantic, VICE, Bustle, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, and more.
Check her out here!

Ep. 4-4

Cover Your A$$ - Asset Protection with Scherrie Prince

In this Episode we chat with Scherrie Prince, attorney and asset protection coach.
Scherrie educates us on how to protect ourselves and our businesses through different legal strategies, and where to start if you haven't thought about asset protection before.
It's a great episode FULL of amazing, valuable information.
To see more of Scherrie's Work, or to join her free webinar - visit her at
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Ep. 4-3

Put Your Best Face Forward - With Brandface

Welcome to 2024! The year of transcendent leadership ✨ (as per the Astro-twins, who I love).
On today's episode we are chatting with Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr of Brandface ( - where we talk all about branding your business, ideal clients, marketing and some easy-to-implement strategies around defining this for yourself.
This episode is a great place to kick off the new year and any planning / reorganizing for your business branding. I hope you love it!

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Ep. 4-2

What's Your Vibe?

Are You Ready for 2024? Let's Chat Vibrational Astrology!
On Today's Episode we chat with Michael Spremulli all about Vibrational Astrology - a language that helps us navigate self-discovery and personal growth. Your personal birth chart uses this language to provide insights in all areas of your life including your personality, career, relationships, personal trends, and so much more. Astrology helps you understand your past, clarify your present, and maximize your future. In this Episode Michael does a reading for me which was SO spot on, I highly recommend.

You can follow / find Michael here:
Use code "CEO" to get a 20% discount on any reading you purchase.

Ep. 4-1

Unfolding into Your Success with Jen Briggs

Today we chat with Jen Briggs - host of The Whole Shebang podcast ( - we discuss leadership, the path to success, changing careers and being open, honest and transparent with the goings-on in life and how to navigate it all while building your brand and your foundation in life.

Ep. 3-14

Season 3 Finale BONUS Episode - Planning Your Pricing

Today's Episode is all about how to price your services and plan for profit. Businesses need to make money - so let's break it down to make sure you are delivering high value and making profit.

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Ep. 3-13

Igniting Creativity

In today's Episode we talk all about moving through creative blocks - as Creative Entrepreneurs we have to run businesses AND be filled with passion and creative juices... which can sometimes feel like a lot! So here are some ideas and activities that can help you when you're feeling stuck.

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Ep. 3-12

Investing in Your Business

Today's Episode is all about Investing in Your Business. We discuss upfront investments, income-generating-investments and non-income generating investments, as well as what it means to make an energetic investment where we dive a little more into the woo-woo side of things!

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Ep. 3-11

Out of Office

On today's episode we discuss how to prep for vacation as an entrepreneur so that you get the most out of your time away, without sacrificing your success.

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Ep. 3-10

Just Start

In Today's Episode we discuss Just Starting!...Not letting decision paralysis get in the way of our success, or worrying about what "might" happen, but simply jumping in and handling the challenges as they arise. After all, Fear is just False Events Appearing Real! Great advice.

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Ep. 3-9

Building Your Team

Today's episode is all about building your team: how to find the right people to make your company run as smooth as possible, while also allowing you to work to your strengths and feel excited and inspired!

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Ep. 3-8

Overcoming Negative Thoughts with Gratitude

In today's episode we talk about how our brain works when it comes to our negative thought patterns and some tools we can use to climb out of that hole and start to focus on the positive aspects.
One of the greatest tools for maintaining a positive outlook is Gratitude, and a daily gratitude practice is an excellent way to cultivate that muscle. We've made it super easy.

Ep. 3-7

Cultivating the Power of No

In today's Episode we look back on our Episode with JJ DiGeronimo, and the "power of no" - and dive a little deeper into why No is a kindness as well as an important tool to cultivate for any business owner. In being "selfish" (as some may see it), you are actually being selfless - you are acknowledging before any disappointment (to yourself or to others) that you cannot or will not meet the expectation - which would inevitably not be positive for either party.
It is a superpower, really.

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Ep. 3-6

Changing Seasons

Welcome to today's episode - which is all about the different seasons we will experience as entrepreneurs (and let's face it, humans!) - and how to cope and take advantage of those times.
As always we would love to hear from you, so please comment, rate and review this Episode.

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Ep. 3-5

The Road to Success

In today's Episode we discuss how the road to success looks and the winding path that it often takes.
No matter where you're at in your business, you're not alone! Entrepreneurship is hard, and there are good times and bad. Stick it out and you will come out on top!

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Ep. 3-4


On Today's Episode we recap on what it means to fail and win in your business, and why you shouldn't focus on what other people are doing!
You do you, baby!

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Ep. 3-3

Dreamer or Realist? -Can You Be Both?

In Today's Episode we reflect back on advice from Sarah Stone of Lighthouse Co. where we look at the benefits of dreaming without losing sight of reality. Is it possible to do both? Can you be both the dreamer and realist?
What do you think?

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Ep. 3-2

Building Energetic Boundaries

Today's Episode is all about putting boundaries in place to protect your personal energy while running your business.

By building energetic boundaries we are able to function better, make non-emotional decisions, and be more productive. It is also just a healthier way to exist, rather than running on stress and adrenaline!

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Ep. 3-1

Navigating Uncertainty

Welcome back to Season 3 of The CEO Podcast! This season we are focussing on bite-sized content to skyrocket your business, your mindset and your productivity.

Today's Episode is all about Navigating Uncertainty in your business and shining a light on what is really eating at you, so you can identify it, squash it, and continue slaying the game.

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Ep. 2-12

BSW on "A Well-Designed Business" - with LuAnn Nigara

This is the Season 2 Finale! In this Episode you will get to hear a little bit more about BSW Design and me personally through my interview with LuAnn Nigara on "A Well-Designed Business". This is the OG Interior Design Business Podcast and I was so honoured to be a part of it.

Ep. 2-11

The Artful Entrepreneur - with Tara Gavin

Today we speak with Tara Gavin, a colleague and supplier of mine in the interiors world - she curates and frames the most AMAZING art! She is a successful Entrepreneur, mom of two boys, former Realtor and master manifestor.

Tara's company, On The Wall Framing was founded in 2005 and has worked with the local and international design community as well as with home owners who know and appreciate the joy that well curated art brings to a space.  They not only source art worldwide but are proud to represent artists that they love. The artists whose work you’ll find on their site have become part of the OTW family and they are honoured share their works with you!

Ep. 2-10

The Game Changer of Teams and Technology - with April Moss from Digibuild

Today on the Podcast we have April Moss -

April R. Moss is the Chief Operations Officer and cofounder of Digibuild Inc., a Y-Combinator backed software company servicing the construction industry. Digibuild applies AI and blockchain technology in automating the perennially difficult problem of material sourcing and management.

April believes that investing in others is a fundamental principle to the success of any company and that it is the individuals’ core values that truly lead to that success. She loves to mentor and support young entrepreneurs and women in construction to help them reach their full potential and encourage them to do the same for others.

We had a fantastic chat about Construction, team building and technology in the industry. A great listen!!!

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Ep. 2-9

Marketing through Podcasts - with Erin Curran

On Today's Episode we talk all about the importance of Podcasts and how they can help you with your business!

Erin runs her own PR agency that focusses on marketing through podcasts for female entrepreneurs. Whether you're thinking of starting your own Podcast or you would like to be a guest on a Podcast, Erin helps us understand the steps and why it is important in your marketing journey.

Ep. 2-8

Knowing Your Worth - with Nikki Jones

Today on the Podcast we have an epic conversation with Nikki Jones.

Nikki Jones is a professional photographer and content creator for some of the coolest product-based brands in the skincare, health, wellness, and food industries. She independently serves as art director, stylist, photographer, and hand model to clients all over the world — producing vibrant and stylish visual content. Nikki has built her home-based studio into a six figure business by focusing on connection, client experience, and energetic alignment.As a former yoga teacher and intimate portrait artist, Nikki’s entrepreneurial style is deeply influenced by her passion for spiritual self-care. She loves learning about neuroscience and manifestation and is incredibly intentional about her mindset and self-talk. Nikki is passionate about sharing her experience and gifts to help others grow confidence and abundance in their own businesses and lives.

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Ep. 2-7

Building an Online Empire - with Sarah Stone

On today's Episode we have Sarah Stone.

Sarah is the founder of Light House Co., an online collection of lighting, furniture, and home decor pieces available across North America. Alongside her husband, owner of Lighthouse Cabinetry, the two enjoy merging their design aesthetics to create uniquely crafted spaces that you'll be proud to call home.

Sarah's journey into entrepreneurship is similar to many, and this Episode is full of great advice for anyone starting or growing their business, particularly if you have an online store or brick and mortar venture.

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Ep. 2-6

The Power of "No" - with JJ DiGeronimo

Today on the Podcast we chat with JJ DiGeronimo, with over 20 years in the tech industry, JJ DiGeronimo is no stranger to navigating the twists and turns of career advancement from entry-level into leadership positions and board seats. As the Founder of Tech Savvy Women, she grew the global community to 8,000 members representing various technical disciplines.

Now, as the author of three award-winning books Seeking, Accelerate Your Impact, and The Working Woman's GPS, she is on a mission to help women gain more seats at more tables by sharing her proven strategies through engaging keynotes for women seeking to increase their impact and influence.

Ep. 2-5

Finding Clarity in Your Business - with Dayana Aleksandrova

On Today's Episode we talk with digital nomad and business coach, Dayana Aleksandrova.

Dayana is Certified Mindset and Business Coach for multi-passionate online entrepreneurs. She teaches you how to close sales, launch your 1:1 services and group programs, and shake off impostor syndrome.

Dayana walks the talk. Growing up with a single mom in Eastern Europe, bullied and with zero confidence, she has had to overcome abandonment, scarcity, and worrying about what other's think (you've been there, right?)

Her clients go to her for her signature ‘tough love’ - no BS talk wrapped in compassion. She turns men and women with no confidence into bonafide badasses who stand up for themselves in their life and their business.

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Ep. 2-4

Confronting Uncertainty and Finding Self - with Amanda Kate

In today's Episode we speak to Amanda Kate.

Amanda is a Kinesiologist, Mentor, Mother and more. Author of 'Divine. Messy. Human. A Spiritual Guide to Prioritizing Internal Truth over External Influence', she released the book with the information, tips and practices that have helped her move from self-loathing to self-acceptance, self-love and self-empowerment. A recovering people-pleaser and self-flagellator, she walks the path straddling the Divine and Messy daily. Always growing, developing and learning new ways of being to, hopefully, one day leave the Earth better than she found it. Amanda Kate helps people to regain their vitality, smashing through their internal glass ceiling and limitations to find new levels of health, vitality and abundance. She also works with business owners to increase their vibration and attract greater wealth and prosperity. Amanda Kate lives in Melbourne, Australia with her twin flame, her children, his children and a dog named Zeus.

Ep. 2-3

Navigating Entrepreneurship in the Design Space - with Michelle Berwick

On today's episode we sit down for a real and deep chat with Michelle Berwick of Michelle Berwick Design.

Michelle founded MBD in 2012 and worked to build it to the nationally sought after firm it is today. Her free spirited approach leads to unique and inspired designs. As the leader of team, she oversees all of the magic that happens from concept to completion and everything in between.

BSW & MBD have offices near one another and have worked in parallel as industry professionals for the past 7 years.

In this Episode, Brittany and Michelle get real about the hardships and wins of being a creative entrepreneur, and the importance of community around success.

Ep. 2-2

Leaving the City for Nigerian Dwarf Goats - with Haute Goat

On today's episode we speak with Debbie Nightingale, a Toronto film-producer turned hobby-farm goat breeder - but that's not it.

Debbie's love of entrepreneurship has created one of the most unique hobby farms I have ever seen. Her packages have amazing names, the activities are endless, and I think my favourite part, you can watch the goats on a 24-hour live feed. This morning before posting this episode they were all cuddled in pairs snoring softly.

This episode is for anyone who loves animals, has a dream of one day owning some land, or just wants to feel inspired by some fun and creative ideas.

Debbie was 50 when she purchased the farm, and is now running an amazing, thriving business and is in her second successful career.

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Ep. 2-1

Working With Contractors

On todays Episode we discuss something I am intimately familiar with - designers and contractors working together!

We cover:

1)     Relationship - how to find, build and maintain a successful relationship with your designer/contractor.

2)     Agreement - oh, the paperwork part. How do you work with one another and ensure fair success?

3)     Communication - the hardest and most important piece of the puzzle.

4)     Client relationship - it's basically a throuple. How to navigate and create a positive working relationship in your client management.

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That's a Wrap! (On Season 1)

Thank you SO MUCH for listening to Season 1 - it really flew by.

Heading into Season 2, we want to get more nitty gritty with our topics, so if you have a particular question or topic - please email to submit.

We can't wait to be back with Season 2.

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EP. 12

Sustainable in the Suburbs

Today we talk to Sarah Robertson Barnes, who is a sustainable living educator, content creator and freelance writer. Her work focuses on low waste living in a culture of convenience and her family’s steps toward a simplified life. You can find her at @sarah.robertson.barnes on all the things, or visit her blog Sustainable in the Suburbs.

This Episode is packed full of amazing tips, information and easy to adopt advice. Well worth a listen!

Download the Sustainability Guide from Sarah's Episode:

Check out our Sponsor:

Visit her website:

Visit her instagram: @sarah.robertson.barnes

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EP. 11

Passionate Persistence

Kelly Dalton began her career in entertainment in 2014 at an awards agency called LTLA Communications, a company founded by prominent Awards Strategist Lisa Taback. Kelly worked on many award winning films including Lady Bird, La La Land, and Best Picture winners Spotlight and Moonlight. In 2019 Kelly moved over to Netflix and became the Director of Talent Relations & Awards on the Netflix Awards team. Kelly helped nurture and grow industry relationships with the streamer and helped break down the barriers of entry for a streamer to be considered for Best Picture at the Oscars. Although it wasn’t easy for the industry to adjust to a new way of viewing films, the Academy and guilds slowly began to understand the value and importance of having quality films on a streaming service. At Netflix Kelly has worked on Roma, The Irishman, Marriage Story, The Two Popes, Period End of Sentence, My Octopus Teacher, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, The Trial of Chicago 7, Mank,  The Power Of The Dog an most recently All Quiet On The Western Front.

Netflix has been the most nominated studio for the last three years and has had many record breaking nominations that push the boundaries of cinema.

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EP. 10

Fear of Failure

On today's episode we are talking about the Fear of Failure, Impostor Syndrome, Negativity Bias & the Spotlight Effect - basically, why we feel like we're failing, why we cannot live up to the success of others, and what to do about it.

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EP. 9

Money Matters

In today's Episode we talk all about MONEY! In particular, the details regarding starting a business and tracking your finances. It's a quick and simple overview of business structure, basic accounting, best principles and recommendations.

Programs discussed:

Dext (receipt tracking)


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EP. 8

The Power of Perception and Positive Paperwork

In today's Episode we talk to Amanda Smith, another woman-in-construction, as well as a mom, entrepreneur and all-around humble human. In this Episode, Amanda and I discuss process, perception and the power of paperwork. What is the best way to manage relationships? How do you set yourself and your business up for success? AND what do you do if you make a mistake?!? We cover it all!

If you're in Alberta or BC and you're looking to do a custom build - check out Amanda's company linked below.

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EP. 7

Colour, Clarity, Consistency

In today's Episode we talk to Brett Hagen, Founder of Ara Fine Jewelry, Mother of 3, Space-Diamond expert and fellow Creative Entrepreneur. This episode is jam packed with Entrepreneurial advice, gemstone education, relevance to parenthood and running a business & how to set up your surroundings and mindset for ultimate success.

Brett's youngest, Sydney, who was born with Congenital Heart disease, has had 2 heart surgeries at BC Childrens Hospital, one at 48 hours old and another one at 16 months old. The Cardiology department at BCCH provides outstanding care to her daughter, Sydney and many other babies and children living with Congenital Heart Disease. Ara has created a line that donates proceeds to BC Children's Hospital - Check it out here: 

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EP. 6

Success Before Sunrise

In today's Episode, come sit down with my friend and neighbour, Kasie Colbeck. Kasie has a party-mix of careers: TV host, presenter by night, serious business manager by day, fitness lover, boy-mom and work-in-progress (but we think she is pretty great!)

We talk about the routines and discipline that lead to more productivity, efficacy and fulfillment, while also balancing with the demands of what life throws at you.

Grab a coffee or a glass of vino and sit down with us to enjoy this fun conversation.

Book Recommendation: The Ripple Effect

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EP. 5

Attention to Authenticity

Today we chat with Tessa Bain from Digby & House of Digby.

This episode is all about Furniture, Authentic Design, Web 3, Sustainability & how to be authentic in your brand.

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EP. 4

Competition and Clients

Welcome to today's Episode where we talk a little bit about Competition and Clients!

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EP. 3

Digital Dharma Part 2

Today's episode continues our chat with Krista Henrich and dives into the promised woo-woo goods of manifesting, aligning your frequency, and letting the Universe do Her job.

As a bonus I have created a 30 day gratitude journal for you that you can download.

EP. 2

Digital Dharma Part 1

Today we talk to the magnetic, magical Krista Henrich, who enlightens us on her (very cool) tech jobs.

Krista works as the Head of Product Experience for North America for uFlexReward, Head of Product for DermaType and is the Founder and a Producer at Infinity Film Productions.

Krista has studied Artificial Intelligence and Product Management at Stanford University, and Project Management at University of Toronto and Television and Film Production at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

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EP. 1

Overcoming Overwhelm

Do you ever get stuck - frozen - with your to-do list running a mile a minute in your brain?

Do you feel like you will never get through it and you are drowning?

Don't worry - me too!!!

In this episode I have compiled some of the best tools, systems and tricks to help you overcome the overwhelm you will inevitably feel at some point as a creative entrepreneur.

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Home reno in Richmond Hill restores light and comfort

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“How to Think Like an Interior Designer”, Article by Rebel Walls with BSW Design, Fall 2020

Rebel Walls sits down with Brittany to discuss how to think like an interior designer.


Our Homes Magazine, Fall Winter Issue, Holiday Home Tour Feature (pg. 64), 2019

One of BSW Design’s clients is featured in this Holiday House Tour feature in Our Homes Magazine (page 64).


Design Assistant on HGTV’s “Reno, Set, Go!”, Scott Brother’s Entertainment, 2018

Brittany worked on HGTV's "Reno, Set, Go!" as a design assistant for 9 episodes.


Our Homes Magazine, Fall Winter Issue, People Feature (pg. 40), 2017

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Wescover Ambassador Spotlight, Apr 2023.

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Featured Guest on Rebecca Hay’s “Resilient by Design Podcast”, Summer 2020

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