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MANTERIORS – What Makes [Single and Straight] Men So Helpless & Hopeless

Manteriors is the newest trend in interior design. Men these days are, in general, far more fashionable than in the last 40 years (Prior to that the boys had style!) For some reason (which may or may not be related to drugs), both home and personal style hit a major roadblock from the 1960’s right through to the early 2000’s. Maybe that is just me feeling childish embarrassment for the decades that raised my parents or maybe it is true. I will leave that up to you to decide…

It is easier than ever now-a-days, with sites like AirowsHuckberryMantelligence and ManMadeDIY, to curate and compose a style of edgy, outdoorsy man-style without a degree in design or hipster blood flowing through your veins. Needless to say, some men have it down (and in this statement I am excluding gay men, who always have it down, and coupled men, who are forced to) and for those of you who do, bravoI would love to see some pics.

Speaking from the point of view of a wife who watches her husband oggle different items on the aforementioned sites, left alone he would likely live in the woods, in a cabin he built with an axe, wearing nothing but Eddie Bauer and smelling of firewood and bacon. Some men on the other hand, when left alone, would live in an all-white apartment (not the stylish kind) with one couch, an old coffee table, a permanently unmade bed and a pizza box as a pet. Whether you are the single version of my husband or the empty-apartment guy, there are ways to make your space more homey while maintaining the manliness… you want a girl to come over eventually, right?

At the end of the day you have more style than you think (I have faith in you). It’s all about how you pull it together. Luckily the “in” thing right now is collection pieces and originals – so the more “you” it is, the better.


No, I am not talking about pants. When buying new, faux leather is the way to go. It is ethical, often renewable, and uses way less chemicals to create. If you’re going vintage, think amazing, worn, buttoned chesterfields, old school Eames-inspired chairs or a cool, retro steamship trunks.


Whether you are chopping it, watching it burn and crackle, or decorating your home with it, wood is where it’s at. Wood is a simple, natural, texture-rich design element that will spice up any space. Pair this with your best friend leather and you’ll have a winner on your hands. Use wood as a feature wall, as a counter top, or as a design element.


Every home has metal (door handles, cabinet pulls, vent covers etc.) but it is often sadly overlooked as an integral part of design structure. Many times it is tarnished, battered, bruised or covered in paint (shudder). Manly interiors look extra sharp with matte black, cast iron or the newest trend, brass. Whatever finish you choose, carry the theme throughout your space.


Textiles can be used in so many different ways – I will need to dedicate another post to them alone, now that I think about it. The simple rules to follow are simply that…keep it simple! Cotton, linen and knits are cozy, comfy and stylish. Toss them here, throw them there, it will work, I promise.

Now that you have the basic building blocks, get creative! If you’re still not feeling 100% confident in your ability to make an uber-awesome-manspace I would love to help – just head on over and get yourself an easy to implement E-Design.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!
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